Merpati Motor Museum Yogyakarta

Type : Renovation Building

Client : Issei Loan & Jessica Loan

Size : 4500 m2

Location : Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No.88, Ngampilan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55261

Status : Idea 2019

See the full design here :

Merpati Motor Museum Yogyakarta also well known Merpati Motor Group is a company that has bussiness line in trading new motorcycles and its second-hand one. This company is builded by Davis Sunar Handoko since 1971. 
Besides of being authorized dealers for some motorcycles brands, Merpati Motor Group also has collection of many unique and antique things. All thosw items are kept and showed in their museum. The collection consost of many old bycicles for colonialism era, anrique motorcycles (over 300 items), vintage and rero cars. and other rhings that have value on it.
Inspired by the soul and vision of motorcycles builder who write the story of human civilization. Merpati Motor Museum wants to entertain the visitor walk and ride further, across the time and space to find out the history of machine and various type of vihicles in the word. Starting by learn how wheels are discovered until how it changes human behavior and culture. The visitor will have an experience to visit some place in the world at specific periode of time. It will be supported by interior of the museum.
Modern geometric space is the core of Merpati Motor Museum. Besides the request from the owner to apply industrial style trough some speecific material on this museum. And also not to forget that the museum is a heritage building. So, the designer trying to create an intimate space that will support the whole visitor’s experience on the museum. It must be simple on the display but with appropiate lighting system. It will be blend with colorful signage to add some pop culture looks on the Merpati Motor Museum.
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