London Taxi Yogyakarta

Type : Interior Design

Client : London Taxi Yogyakarta

Size : 286  m2

Location : Hartono Mall, Jalan Ring Road Utara, Sanggrahan, Kaliwaru, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281

Status : Ideas 2018

London Taxi bike, have a tagline “one of the core brand with lifestyle and vintage concept”. This brand are interesting especially for urban people who ride bycicle it not only just for cycling and be healty, but also for urban lifestyle. It brings poeple to enjoy an unique experience by its vintage design.
Instead of that, London Taxi bike also have its lover and community that are spread in the big city of indonesia, not exception for Yogytakarta. They build a comunity called London Taxi Bike Yogyakarta. One of their activity is city tour that regularly held on Sunday morning. In order to facilitate people of the comunity, by designing café and bike service, so they can rest while drinking a coffee or just gathering after city tour.

Interior of this comunity store will addapted the environment of London’s Street and combine it with Malioboro Street that has local identity of Yogyakarta. Those are appropiate with the image of London Taxi Bike that looks classic but withstand the trends and also the requesr by the owner to include the identity of Yogyakarta trough the design. The lines and shapes will be simplied with the characteristic of modern design but not losing the soul and ambience of classic design. The important things is that the design could support the activites of the user and give it added value.

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