52’s Nighstand

Type : Furniture Design

Year : 2016

Designer : Pandu Laksono Mukti

Output : Furniture Sample

This Nightstand inspired from designer’s forgetable moment when he was in Senior Highschool. The Moment called “Karta Amrita” succesfully changed designer’s life be better. So, he decided to design a nightstand in order to represented the moment trough it’s specific number which are “5” and “2”.
Made from good quality teak wood, it combines with skilled craftman from Jepara. The design look like a spesific number “5” and “2” when it see from the side. Simplicity also take part on the design. In order to make the user feel free to organize the things, the design provide a lot space with no boundaries to accomodate it.
Thanks for watching!